OTI Holding and Group Companies

OTI Group of Companies, which is providing service in the Tourism sector since 1992, has gathered its subsidiaries under the roof of OTI Holding in 2006.

OTI Holding subsidiaries are operating in Turkey, Russia, Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, Thailand, Egypt, UAE, Spain and Greece. It has positioned itself in many countries under the trademarks of Coral Travel (Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, Georgia), Sunmar (Russia), A Class (Russia and Turkey), Wezyr Holidays (Poland), ODEON Tours Ground Services (Turkey, Egypt, Thailand, Spain, UAE and Greece), Holiday Market Services (Turkey), Royal Flight (Russia), Otium Hotels (Turkey), Odeon Security and Consulting (Turkey). Through expansion, OTI Holding is entering into new markets and destinations, making progress without compromising on quality and customer satisfaction.

The number of customers served by the Group in 2012 was 1 million 873 thousand, whereas it reached to 2 million 400 thousand in 2013 with an increase of over 30%, and to 3 million 100 thousand in 2014, including the package tours. 

Otium Hotels
Otium Hotels which is under the structure of OTI Holding has been operating in the hospitality industry since 2005, and as of the 2015 season it comprises of 3 facilities located in Turkey.

Otium Eco Club - Side
OTI Holding, which is one of the leading institutions in the tourism industry thanks to its environment friendly approach, has renovated the Otium Eco Club Side, which it has acquired in 2008, under an ecological concept. The Otium Eco Club Side which has blue flag and which is located by Side Titreyengöl, includes 426 rooms and accommodates its guests under the concept family and children concept. The facility has been established on an area of 3 thousand and 350 square meters and it offers privileged and quality vacation to all of its guests with the Children’s World which has a rich concept and facilities.

Otium Eco Club, in order to protect the world's energy resources and to avoid hazard to the environment, has developed special applications such as waste management, solar energy use, and the use of recycled materials, therefore moving towards becoming an enterprise that respects the nature and environment. As a result of the evaluation of the Ministry of Tourism, Otium Eco Club Side has become the first facility in the Side region to receive the 'Green Star' certificate in the year 2011.

Otium Eco Club Side has created the following management systems policies and it has been certified. 

  •     ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management System
  •      ISO 14001: 2009 Environmental Management System
  •  ISO 22000: 2005 Food Safety Management System
  •    ISO 10002: 2011 System of Customer Satisfaction and Complaint Management 
  •  OHSAS 18001:2007 Employee Health and Safety

Otium Hotel Life – Kemer
Otium Hotel Life-Kemer (5*) which is incorporated to the Otium Hotels again in 2013, is a blue-flag facility located at Kemer-Göynük, at a distance of 45 km to the Airport, 7 km to Kemer, and 40 km to the center of Antalya; it consists of  1 main building and 8 bungalows sited at the seafront. The facility has a total of  252 rooms and 536 beds. 

Otium Hotel Seven Seas – Side
Otium Hotel Seven Seas in-Side (5 *), which is incorporated to the Otium Hotels in 2013 and which is situated at the Side region, is a blue-flag facility located at the seafront. The facility has a total of 356 rooms and 861 beds.  

Xanadu Resort Hotel – Belek 
The five-star Xanadu Resort Hotel, which has been incorporated to the OTI Holding in the year 2014 and which is located in the Belek region, provides service in an high-class concept with its 420 rooms. 

Xanadu Resort Hotel encompasses 1 main restaurant, 7 A la Carte restaurants, 11 bars,  3 outdoor swimming pools and 1 indoor, 9 water slides, gold fields, fitness center, luxury Shang-Du Spa center, 5500 square meter Fancyland children’s club with kids’ sheltered playground  at the beach, pavilions where special services are provided and which has a bar at the private beach, adult-only beach,  walking trails, 2 tennis courts, 1 multi-purpose court, basketball and mini soccer field, together with a center that is a place to conference and meeting halls that span over an area of 2500 square meters.   

Coral Travel
Coral Travel, which began to its activities in Moscow as of 1994, is among the brands who receive highest level confidence in the markets of Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, Belarus, Poland and Georgia, as a result of its industry experience and high quality service. Coral Travel has served to 1 million 53 thousand tourists in 2011, with a 35% growth in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus and to 1 million 302 thousand tourists in 2012, 1 million 626 thousand tourists in 2013, and 2 million 170 thousand tourists in 2014. 

Coral Travel is providing service in Russia with its head office in Moscow, in Ukraine / Kiev, in Belarus/Minsk, in Poland / Warsaw, in Georgia / Tbilisi, and in Turkey with its head office in Istanbul. Coral Travel, which is among the top 5 operators in the countries which it operates, has flights from 37 cities in Russia, 5 cities in Ukraine, 10 cities in Poland, Belarus (Minsk), Turkey and Georgia to 28 countries and to almost 60 destinations. The countries that it sends tourists are Turkey, Spain, Egypt, Thailand, Greece, Tunisia, Morocco, Israel, UAE, China, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Indonesia (Bali), the Maldives, Vietnam, Seychelles, Sri Lanka, Singapore, India ( Goa), Tanzania (Zanzibar), Cambodia, Mauritius, Jordan, Mexico, Austria, Bulgaria and Andorra. 

Coral Travel Sales Agents Chain
Coral Travel Sales Agents Chain which has started to its activities in Russia in 2001 operates with 30 self-owned and 800 franchised sales offices in Russia, and with 170 franchise sales offices in Ukraine.

Coral Travel sales agents chain offers to its Russian and Ukrainian customers package tours, VIP vacations and honeymoon packages that shall suit to every budget, and holiday products and services that include many more opportunities. 

Coral Travel Turkey
ODEON Tours, which has been providing vacation services since 2006 to consumers in the Turkish market, continues to its activities since 2014 under Coral Travel, which is the OTI Holding’s global tour operator brand. Coral Travel-ODEON Tours, which in a short time became one of the preferred brands in Turkey’s domestic market thanks to its Industry experience and other strong facilities, provides service in 54 Provinces throughout Turkey with its 285 agents and via its Call Center with phone no. 444  0684, and it has provided service to over 500.000 guests since it began its operations.  

Coral Travel-Wezyr Holidays

Coral Travel-Wezyr Holidays has been operating as a tour operator in Poland since the year 2000. Its headquarters is located in Warsaw, and it has 18 sales offices in 11 cities. Wezyr Holidays, which has flights from 10 cities to 15 holiday regions, operates in the  destinations of Turkey, Egypt, Greece, Bulgaria, Spain, Morocco, Tunisia, Thailand, Mexico, UAE, Maldives, Seychelles, Sri Lanka, India (Goa) and the Dominican Republic.

Wezyr Holidays has obtained ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management System accreditation certificate as of 2010, and it has been successfully maintaining its accreditation. 

ODEON Tours – Ground Services
ODEON Tours, with quality service and customer satisfaction approach, has proven its success by being among the pioneers of tourism since its establishment. ODEON Tours, which is in operation since 1992, has served to over 2 million tourists in the year 2014. It offers ground services in Turkey, Egypt, Thailand, Spain, UAE and Greece to tour operators from 17 countries, particularly from Turkey, Russia, CIS countries, Poland, Italy, Germany.

ODEON Tours have proven its difference in the sector by accomplishing many firsts in the field of quality: 

·        In 2001, it has received the ISO 9001 Quality Management Standard certification to cover all of the travel agency services for the first time in Turkey.

·        In 2008 it received the EFQM Commitment Certificate. In the context of National Quality Movement it has received EFQM Excellence Model Competency Certification in June 2011 and EFQM 5 Stars Competency Level Certification in 2013.

·       In the year 2009 it has established ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Administration System; and in the year 2010 it was certified for ISO 10002 Quality Management-Guest Satisfaction- Handling of Complaints. 

ODEON Tours - Destinations Management Center
Destination actions of all tour operators under the roof of OTI Holding are grouped under a central structure. The fields of activity are as follows: 

·         New destination research and selection,

·         Structuring of Destination services under the ODEON Tours service standards,

·         Organizing the financing operations from a central  point,

·       Creation of the complete product and the performance of contract procedures centrally. 

Other than the main countries in which ODEON Tours operates, namely Turkey, Egypt, Thailand, Spain, UAE and Greece, 23 major destinations, which are  China, Dominican Republic, Indonesia, Morocco, India, Israel, Cambodia, Cuba, Maldives, Mauritius, Seychelles, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Tanzania (Zanzibar), Tunisia, Vietnam, Greece, Mexico, Bulgaria, Andorra, Austria and Jordan, have been added to the product portfolio of the operators under OTI, as a result of intensive and successful efforts. 

Blue Connect
The Blue Connect Company which was established in Dublin in 2011 by OTI Holding is operating in the field of aircraft leasing. The company has added 3 Airbus 321-200, 5 Boeing 757-200s, and  3 Boeing 737-800 from ILFC, and 1 A321-200 from the ACG Company to its fleet via the leasing method. The A321-200s are being sub-leased to Ural Airlines which is resident in Russia. On the other hand, 5 Boeing 757-200s is providing service in the Russia Royal Flight fleet which is resident in Russia.

OGD Security has started to operate in 2005 upon the increase of the demand for high quality private security and consultancy services in the tourism sector. Under its quality service approach, it is a private security company with Quality Management (ISO 9001- 2000) and Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSAS-18001) certifications.

Some of OGD’s fields of activity and the services that it offers are as follows:  security projects and consultancy, tourism enterprises, shopping centers, commercial centers, festivals, fairs, concerts, exhibitions, resorts, hotels / motels, private security and similar organizations.