OTIUM Hotels incorporated within OTI Holding, has been maintaining its activities in hospitality sector since 2005.

One of the respectable organizations in Tourism sector due to its environmental sensitivity, OTI Holding renewed Otium Eco Club Side, incorporated in 2008, with an ecological concept. Otium Eco Club Side successfully provides the Turkish tourism with a customer satisfaction-oriented business via its current 426 rooms near the Side Titreyengöl.

Otium Hotels incorporated Otium Hotel Seven Seas located in Side Titreyengöl Region, and Otium Hotel Life located in Kemer, Göynük in 2015. 

Otium Eco Club Side carries out its business for the sake of becoming an organization which is respectful to the nature and environment, by developing special applications such as waste management, solar power use and recyclable material use in order to preserve the energy recourses in the world and not to harm the environment.

Blue Flag Otium Eco Club Side 5* is established on 3.350 square meters. It provides quite rich services thanks to its facilities such as sleeping room, play ground, child cinema, play ground for babies, child restaurant, child theater, amusement part, WC and washbasin for children, child pool and hobby garden. Çocuk dünyası (Children's World) provides a privileged and quality holiday opportunities to all guests with its concept which has been designed specially for the families with children.

Otium Eco Club Side hosts the guests coming mostly from Germany, Belgium, France, England, Netherlands, Poland, Balkan Countries, CIS countries, Scandinavian countries and Turkey.

It proceeds with the recognition that it is a necessity to continually develop its human resources, and to achieve 100% customer satisfaction along with 100% personnel satisfaction.

The "Green Star" is an achievement certificate given to the hotels which have the purpose of being environment-conscious, and it has been given by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism since 2008. As a result of the evaluations of the Ministry of Tourism, Otium Eco Club Side became the first facility which received the "Green Star" region in Side region in 2011.

Additionally, Otium Eco Club Side performs its activities in an animal-friendly way by sending its leftovers to animal shelters.

Ensuring guest satisfaction has the priority in the management systems policy of OTIUM ECO CLUB SIDE. Ensuring, with participation of the senior management and the personnel, that the services are accessible to all guests equally, and at the same time, being guest-oriented, the teamwork, having qualified and trained personnel, the employee participation, continuous improvement, and observance of the technical safety rules are the fundamental rules.