Coral Travel Group (OTI Holding)

As of October 26, 2022, the name of OTI Holding, which represents a well-established group of over 30 years, has changed to Coral Travel Group, which we believe will carry the group stronger into the future.

Coral Travel Group (OTI Holding) is one of the major players in the international tourism industry with the most trusted brands in the sector in the fields of tour operation, accommodation, destination services, aviation, travel agency, information technologies, and security.

Coral Travel Group (OTI Holding) has been operating in the tourism sector since 1992 with its 37 companies in 22 countries and 4300 professional employees, serving over 3 million tourists annually, and continues to grow in new markets and destinations without compromising on the principles of quality and customer satisfaction.
Since its establishment in 1992, it has been in the tourism industry with

The Coral Travel (Germany, Belarus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Georgia, Switzerland, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine), Sunmar (Russia), and FERIEN Touristik (Germany) brands in the field of tour operator and sales agency; 

ODEON Tours brand in the field of destination services (Turkey, Egypt, Greece, Spain, UAE, Thailand, Vietnam);

Seven Seas Hotels, Otium Hotels, Xanadu Resort brands (Turkey, Egypt, Vietnam, Greece) under the umbrella of Coral Group (OTI) Hotels & Resorts in the field of accommodation;

ODEON Software and Technology brand (Turkey) in the field of Information Technologies; and

Odeon Security and Consultancy brand (Turkey) in the field of security.



Coral Travel Group (OTI Holding), which is one of the leading institutions in the tourism industry thanks to its environment friendly approach, has renovated the Otium Family Eco Club Side, which it has acquired in 2008, under an ecological concept. The Otium Eco FamilyClub Side which has blue flag and which is located by Side Titreyengöl, includes 426 rooms and accommodates its guests under the concept family and children concept. The facility has been established on an area of 3 thousand and 350 square meters and it offers privileged and quality vacation to all of its guests with the Children’s World which has a rich concept and facilities.

Otium Family Eco Club, in order to protect the world's energy resources and to avoid hazard to the environment, has developed special applications such as waste management, solar energy use, and the use of recycled materials, therefore moving towards becoming an enterprise that respects the nature and environment. As a result of the evaluation of the Ministry of Tourism, Otium Family Eco Club Side has become the first facility in the Side region to receive the 'Green Star' certificate in the year 2011.

Otium Family Eco Club has created the following management systems policies and it has been certified. 

ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management System
ISO 14001: 2009 Environmental Management System
ISO 22000: 2005 Food Safety Management System
ISO 10002: 2011 System of Customer Satisfaction and Complaint Management
OHSAS 18001:2007 Employee Health and Safety



Integrating with nature, Seven Seas Hotel Blue turns your holiday dreams into reality and unforgettable moments with its comfortable rooms, pools and water park.

You will taste the rich alternatives of world cuisines with Ultra all-inclusive privileges, accompanied by the insatiable Mediterranean view. Imagine a world in a pine forest that brings together fairy tales with holidays and children with their dreams.

Gift yourself and your children a holiday where different games are played, fairy tales come true and fun competitions are held. Seven Seas Hotel Blue awaits you, our valued guests, with 357 comfortable rooms that can meet all your accommodation needs.


Make a great start to the day, accompanied by the fresh air of the Taurus Mountains and the scent of orange flowers. Seven Seas Hotel Life, where the turquoise of the Mediterranean, the magnificence of the Taurus Mountains, the lush green tones of nature and the seductive red of the sunset meet, is located in the Kemer region with its seafront location…

Seven Seas Hotel Life, with its Coral Club concept, offers its guests; It offers a special range of services, including special events, entertainment, sports and activity programs, and educational, teaching and entertaining programs for children.

The hotel provides service in the concept of ultra all inclusive. The hotel has a total of 295 rooms.


The five-star Xanadu Resort Hotel, which has been incorporated to the OTI Holding in the year 2014 and which is located in the Belek region, provides service in an high-class concept with its 420 rooms. 

Xanadu Resort Hotel encompasses 1 main restaurant, 7 A la Carte restaurants, 11 bars,  3 outdoor swimming pools and 1 indoor, 9 water slides, gold fields, fitness center, luxury Shang-Du Spa center, 5500 square meter Fancyland children’s club with kids’ sheltered playground  at the beach, pavilions where special services are provided and which has a bar at the private beach, adult-only beach,  walking trails, 2 tennis courts, 1 multi-purpose court, basketball and mini soccer field, together with a center that is a place to conference and meeting halls that span over an area of 2500 square meters.


Coral Travel started its tour operator activities in Moscow in 1994 under the Coral Travel brand and is one of the most reliable brands in the markets it serves with its sector experience and quality service approach.

With the Coral Travel brand, tour operator activities are carried out in Russia, Poland, Ukraine, Germany, Türkiye, Belarus, Georgia, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Czech Republic, Romania and Switzerland.

Coral Travel sends tourists to more than 40 countries, mainly to Türkiye, Egypt, Thailand, Greece, Spain, UAE, Tunisia, Bulgaria, Vietnam, India, Dominican Republic.


FERIEN Touristik GmbH in Düsseldorf was acquired by Coral Travel Group (OTI Holding) in 2017. 

FERIEN Touristik, which merged with the Coral Travel brand, serves over 400 thousand guests annually. Founded in 2000, the company offers package and tailor-made vacations to nearly 100 destinations in 26 countries. 


ODEON Tours Destination Services and Destinations Management provides services to tour operators from Türkiye, Ukraine, Georgia, Belarus and other CIS countries, Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Balkan countries, Czech Republic, Romania, Switzerland and Germany with its own destination services companies in Türkiye, Egypt, Thailand, UAE, Spain, Greece and Vietnam.  

ODEON Tours has achieved many firsts in the field of quality and made a difference in the sector.

- In 2001, for the first time in Türkiye, ODEON Tours received the ISO 9001 Quality Management Standard certificate covering all travel agency services.

- Based on the principle of transforming Quality Management into a way of life, the Company joined the National Quality Movement and was awarded the EFQM Commitment Certificate in 2008, the EFQM Excellence Model Competency Certificate in 2011 and the EFQM 5 Star Competency Level Certificate in 2013.

- In 2009, the Company implemented the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems, and in 2010, the ISO 10002 Quality Management - Guest Satisfaction, Complaint Handling certifications were completed.


Coral Travel Group (OTI Holding) provides the digital and technological solutions it needs in the field of Information Technology through ODEON Software and Technology Inc.

ODEON Software and Technology Inc. aims to stay on top of today's and tomorrow's technology to ensure that its customers always have the best solutions.

With the strategies that it has developed and will develop in the future, the company carries out the necessary infrastructure works especially in the world tourism industry so that its customers can quickly respond to both the market and their own needs.


OGD started its activities in 2005 to provide customer satisfaction-oriented, high quality private security and consultancy services in the tourism sector. OGD is a private security company with Quality Management (ISO 9001-2000) and Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSAS-18001) certificates.

OGD, with the importance it attaches to human resources and training, puts its personnel through regular training programs before and during the job.

OGD provides private security and consultancy services to tourism enterprises, holiday villages, hotels, shopping malls, trade centers, festivals, fairs, concerts, exhibitions, and other similar institutions and organizations.